Ruth DeWilde-Major Paintings

This web site features most of my paintings done in five genres with the newer paintings being placed at the end of the portfolios - Portraits of people and animals, Land and Seascapes, Flowers and Still-life, Fantasy and Historical paintings.

The year began with the unveiling of "William Street, John's Town, Winter, 1772/3" at the Court House in Johnstown, NY. The historical painting is on a year long tour of Johnstown's five banks, the library, City Hall, a nursing home and the Johnstown Court House.

Currently, i am working on a historical series including portraits of General Lafayette and James Armistead Lafayette, and two historical scenes from July of 1781 related to the Battle of Green Springs, VA.

On-going  and up-coming exhibits include "Poetry and Art" and the "Spring Flower Show" at the Featherstone Center for the Arts.

 Ruth Major